Istanbul Performance Art



Istanbul Performance Art is the first international performance art platform in Turkey aiming to present performances and projects in the fields of associated art branches by embracing the performance art and interdisciplinary approach.

The platform sets out to produce special projects, sources, and publications for those who read, study, teach, write, archive and perform the performance art; and to create innovations and diversity through the development of the performance art.

In certain periods, Istanbul Performance Art hands over the art management of the organization to curators and art directors in order to develop new art frameworks; and strategically works in cooperation with performance artists and organizations in every part of the culture sector.


Founder / Creative Director

Pınar Derin Gençer

Pınar Derin Gençer is an artist, curator, medical doctor based in Istanbul and Stockholm.

She works mainly on performance art, visual arts, installation, writing and objects. Her art studies the relationship between the physical, psychological, historical field of the life, of the nature, of the city and the human.

The power, identity, belonging, gender, space, ideology, human mind, body and soul feature as her research subjects.

Derin is the founder/creative director of Istanbul Performance Art, Stockholm Performance Art and 24 Hours Art, chief curator of Open Performance Space.

Assistant Curator

Verda Tınmaz

Verda Tınmaz is an independent researcher in the field of contemporary visual arts and philosophy.

She is currently a member of AVTO, a center for independent research and practice based projects.

She formerly worked at Riverrun, Dirimart and İKSV. She completed her B.A. in Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and has recently completed her M.A. in Philosophy and Social Thought.

She lives and works in İstanbul. She is the assistant curator of the Online Performance Exhibition series of Istanbul Performance Art curatorial team.

Graphic Designer

Zafer Lehimler

Zafer Lehimler was born in Erzurum in 1974. He completed his undergraduate degree at Ataturk Üniversity, Fine Art Faculty, Graphic Department in 1998 and started working as research assistant in that department in the same year.

He completed his post graduate education in Social Sciences Institute of Ataturk University in 2004. He was assigned in Graphic Department of Fine Arts Faculty, Marmara University to complete his education about “Competency in Arts” with 35. Regulation.

Since 2015, he has been working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Fine Arts at Ataturk University.

He took part in several national and international art and design events and won various awards.