Istanbul Performance Art

ID 10 : Emrah Gökdemir

Age : 35

Based in : Turkey

Favorite Performance Artist : Maria Wronska, Ewa Zarzycka, Wolodymyr Topiy and Paweł Korbus

Favorite Performance :One Year Performance -Outdoor Piece‘ by Tehching Hsieh (1981–1982), Rirkrit Tiravanija‘s all cooking performances and ‘Like This or Totally Else’ by Paweł Korbus (2017)

About : “To me doing life and doing art is all the same—doing time. The difference is that in art, you have a form”. Like Teching Hsieh says I see that all my life is a process and I save it via art as my own therapy method. In this case, beside my painting art education I am trying to experince my art practices in multi disciplinary such as video, text, documantary, culinary, street photography, gardening etc… and between them,for me, performance art is the most close art practice to the life. I shape my performances as minor and private stories with the referance to ‘identity’,’ social structure’ and ‘sociology of everyday life’. I am one of the member of Antakya Performative Collective which tries to create a platform for collaboration, experimentation, research and interchance and aims to open a space for art in everday life during the rapid chances of demographic structure in Antakya since 2018. Apart from Antakya and istanbul in Turkey, I performed primarily in Poland but also Germany, Slovakia, Lebanon, Cyprus and my video performances shown in Ukraine, Italy and Indonesia.

Photo Credit

Emrah Gökdemir

While He Was Running Amok

bkz Amok/ Performance Art Meeting, 2017

Antakya, Turkey