Istanbul Performance Art

ID 11 : Tales Frey

Age :  37

Based In :  Porto, Portugal

Favorite Performance Artist :  Marcia X

Favorite Performance :  Desenhando com Terços

About :  Tales Frey (Brazil, 1982) is a transdisciplinary artist, lives and works between Brazil and Portugal and executes works supported by both visual and scenic arts. Ritual, body and performativity are mottoes of speculation both in his practical creations and in his academic research in the field of his formations (Graduation in Theater Direction by UFRJ in Brazil, Master in Art Theory and Criticism by the University of Porto in Portugal, PhD in Theatrical and Performative Studies by the University of Coimbra and post-doctorate in Arts from the University of Minho in Portugal). Some of his works permanently integrate public and private collections in institutions in South America, Central America and Europe.

Photo by Paulo da Mata