Istanbul Performance Art

ID 2 : Gamze Öztürk

Age : 31

Based In : Istanbul, Turkey

Favorite Performance Artist : I like and follow many artists with different methods from the 60s and 70s. Leading names are timeless, and they are always sources of inspiration at all times. Such as John Cage, Allan Kaprow Carolee Schneemann, Yvonne Rainer and others. Nowadays, duo collaborations, which have different disciplinary backgrounds and have created a common platform, are particularly interesting for me. I can say two of them: VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi.

Favorite Performance : In the same way, I can count tens of different performances in different formats and contents. Olivier de SagazanTransfiguration, Andrigo&AliprandiVacuum (2013), Nezaket EkiciLifting a Secret (2007), Roi VaaraArtist’s Dilemma (1997) etc.

About : I basically shape my performances in the context of the concepts of identity, gender and culture. I see my body as a performative research space on the way to find myself. The body is an endless resource that is still being explored. I believe that the best way of recognizing this endless source is to live it. When I say to live, I mean to be able to realize the body and the mind as a whole in the present time. Eventually, performance art belongs to the present time. As Bergson says, while the mind is dominating the flow of time, the body possess the present. At the present time, the spatiality of the body creates a direct experience. This immediacy makes it easier for me to focus on my feelings and thoughts about self and societies and makes me free. It makes me believe that I have to find the real me first to understand the relationship that created our life practice, that is, the relationship between ‘me and someone else‘. From this point of view, in my performances, I share the question “Who am I?” with the audience through my own material existence. I find it valuable that “me and someone else” surrenders to each other in a defenseless manner. It is also very important to touch each other in a physical and spiritual way without being afraid. With the volunteer intervention of the audience, the performance comes out of my own but then becomes a common experiment.

In addition, my work on video art and theater fields continues on the background. In today’s art where different disciplines nourishes each other, I believe that performance art embraces this diversity most. I will continue to focus on the subject of identity in the future, of course, but I work through a more interdisciplinary approach.

Photo Credit :
Gamze Öztürk
Duel, 2017
Holaa Festival – Hoogtij openning, Den Haag, Netherlands