Istanbul Performance Art

ID 3 : Burçak Konukman

Age : 34

Based In : Germany / Turkey

Favorite Performance Artist : Jürgen Fritz, Rocio Boliver, Tehching Hsieh, Mladen Stilinović, Black Market International

Favorite Performance : Mladen Stilinović, Artist at Work, 1978.

About :

There with art is pilgrim for one, me – a seek of engram – a voyage, making me tomove with my surroundings/experiences. Therefore, language is versatile and miscellaneous through variants. Lying each moment with a shape grounded by its underlyings, shape of memory, memoir.

My body and my personal experiences are indispensable for my art production. Although my education was on visual arts, i have always used my body as the first material and my personal experiences as the content of my art production. I was born in this body in a specific geography and a certain period of time. Those
conditions, are my starting settings and so, i initiate the game of playing through my body and surroundings. In my work, Art production takes its shape during my entering and scaping institutions, during their opening and closing down for several reasons – a phenomenon that describe the İstanbul of the past 10 Years.

I interested to deconstruct the context and install the art piece in different mediums as well as forms. This is why I consider my work as the questioning of circumstances, as an artistic situation assessment.

Photo Credit :

P.I.G.S. Performance, photo by Rob Nienburg
1st International Performance Art Festival, Noseland, Switzerland
Photo Documentation of Performance