Istanbul Performance Art

ID 4 : Deniz Beşer

Age : 32

Based In : Istanbul / Vienna

Favorite Performance Artist : Gelitin, Otto Muehl, Joseph Beuys

Favorite Performance : Gelitin, ”Gedichte von einem Freund”, (2014), Otto Muehl, ”Kardinal”
(1967), Gelitin, ”Otto Volante”, (2004), Joseph Beuys, ‘‘I like America and America likes me”,

About : Deniz Beşer is an Istanbul and Vienna based visual artist and art coordinator. He graduated
from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Ceramic and Glass Design (Istanbul, Turkey) and studied
at Universidad de Sevilla in Painting (Seville, Spain). Beşer is the co-founder of the art collectives
like Heyt be! Fanzin, Nase Zine and Zoomk-Ru-Tu.

Also, he coordinates events, such as the Open Studio Days Istanbul and FanzineIST – Zine Fest of

Beşer‘s practice could be defined as working within a space between painting, zine, photography,
music,video, and performance. All of this media is most often presented in the context of
installations than as totally autonomous works. Since he is highly active in the fanzine and street art
scene, his works are continually inspired by such aesthetic movements.

Deniz Beşer often focuses on the absurd products of post-internet pop culture, chasing internet phenomena and their protagonists, as well as portraying the silent heroes of everyday life As a visual artist, he has participated in several national and international exhibitions, for instance;

Selected solo exhibitions ; “Attention Wars”, New Jörg, Vienna, Austria (2017), ”This model is fitting like a glove!”, Quicktime, Antalya, Turkey (2012) ”The Letter Exhibition”, Pasaj, İstanbul , Turkey (2011)

Selected group exhibitions; ”Volumes Independent Art Publishing Fair”, Kunsthalle Zürich,
Zürich, Switzerland (2018), ”Vancouver Art Book Fair”, Vancouver, Canada (2018), ”Crack, Drawn
and Printed Art Festival”, Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy (2018) ”Gemeinwohl 2”, Soho in Ottakring
Festival, Altes Elektropathologisches Museum, Vienna, Austria (2018), ”Kunst Kebab”,
Museumsquartier Passage, Vienna, Austria (2017), ”Publishing As An Artistic Tool Box”,
Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria (2017), ”Blumen am Arsch der Hölle”, Shedhalle, Tübingen ,
Germany (2017), Aporias, Friday Exit Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2016), VBKÖ, Ein anderes Land,
Vienna, Austria (2016), Now we make our own TV, Odessa-Biennal Paralel event, Odessa, Ukraine
(2015), ”Underground. Revues alternatives, une sélection mondialede 1960 à aujourd’hui”, Cité
internationale des arts, Paris, France (2015), ”Indie-Line”, artSümer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
(2015), ”NE Fest”, Sofia, Bulgaria (2014), ”Revolution”, Scotty-Enterprises Gallery, Berlin,
Germany (2013); ”Reality Terror’, Depo, İstanbul, Turkey (2012), ”Bio-Cultural Heritage and
Identity”, Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts,Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan (2012), ”Signs of Our Times”,
Palach Galerija, Kružna 6, Rijeka, Croatia (2011), ”Magic Words”, Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia (2009),
”Saint Henri Association”, Toulouse, France (2008), ”GroupArtIstanbul”, Sala Barna Gallery,
Barcelona, Spain (2007)