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ID 5 : Alireza Amin Mozafari

Age : 34

Based In : Iran

Favorite Performance Artist : Petr Pavlensky, Marina Abramovic

Favorite Performance : Freedom – Petr Pavlensky, Rhythm series – Marina Abramovic

About : Basically my definition of performance art does not originate from an artistic medium. From my point of view performance art makes up a part of our lives. The piece which a ‘performance art’ artist performs is an effort to translate life rather than an art.

In general for me, art is not a tool to change the world. Art merely helps me to understand life in a better way. Helps me to look for my real ego and of course through art I can share my personal concerns. I can say performance art has broken the border between life and art.

Since performance art is a contemporary phenomenon and also the events taking place in it are real, it could have the deepest influences on its audiences. It’s the best way to impress them.

Photo Credit :

Alireza Amin Mozafari
Audiences Are Present, 2017
30 Performance 30 Artists 30 Days Performance Art Festival
Tehran Museum Of Contemporary Art, Iran
Courtesy of the Artist