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ID 6 : Ernesta Dirbanauskaite

Age : 27

Based In : Sweden

Favorite Performance Artist : Tehching Hsieh

Favorite Performance : Cage Piece with One Year Performance 1980-1981 (Time Clock Piece) by Tehching Hsieh

About : My work comes from my hart, not from intellectual side. Not from the art books as how performance art should be made. I want it to perform spontaneously, here and now, where I can loose myself in a moment and become a piece of creation. I usually don’t direct my performances, I try to feel surrounding, people around, just play with the materials which inspire me. I like doing performances in the streets where is close to everyday life, and audience is very diverse, maybe people who never even heard about performance art and are so open to experience something different, experience something which shakes their reality, and makes them feel rather then think. I want to talk with people about my work in emotional level, reach them with images they can relate, feel. That’s why I feel mostly inspired by nature and pop culture and clash between them. Something which is very close to us every day. Mixing nature elements with plastic, glitter. Ancient rituals with pop song. I feel that in my work I’m constantly looking for answers. but questions are unrevealed.

I was born at 1991 in small town in Lithuania, after school I started to study Theatre Education in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. In those years I tried different techniques of acting, modern dance, kathkak and baranatyam dance, flamenko, puppet theatre, directing. I started to work in schools with teenagers using theatre methods to help them built self confidence, relationships with each other. After studies I continued to work with theatre theraphy, open my studio for adults. But at the same time I was trying out many different kind of jobs, travelling, volunteering, farming, painting, dancing, playing with objects (which after I understood was link to performance art).

It took a while to start doing performance art because after studying theatre I got into box, where art was made from the books and not from feelings. It took time to get rid of that, stop comparing, follow something beyond that. Now it’s been few years I’m still following my heart and that creativity makes me incredibly happy. I was part of performance festival in CopenhagenBody as a Landscape” (2017), and after joined “Public Society” group of artists living in Denmark and Sweden, with them we made public space performances such as “Home is a home is a home” and so on. I made many performances by myself in Sweden, Denmark just in the streets. Also, took to the stage in Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale in Chandigarh, India (2018).

Photo Credit

Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale, 2018
Chandigarh, India
Photo Documentation of Performance
Photographer: Hardev Singh Dev