Istanbul Performance Art

ID 8 : Antonín Brinda

Age : 28

Based In : Europe

Favorite Performance Artist : Tehching Hsieh

Favorite Performance : Grafting (1975), Petr Štembera

About : Antonín Brinda (Czech Republic) works primarily in the fields of performance/live art and urban art. Apart from an artist, he is also an organizer/curator of various art events. He has gained his education in different fields of art and art theory (General Art Studies; Film Studies; Site-Specific Performance; Live Art and Performance Studies) in Brno, Prague, Tallinn and Helsinki. Antonín currently explores areas such as travelling, urbanism, long durational performance and body art.

He is the co-founder and co-organizer of (performance) art events and festivals Kůra (Kutná Hora, CZ), Performance Crossings (Prague, CZ), Performensk (Minsk, BY), Perform – or not (Tallinn, EE) and Wärmflasche (Berlin, DE/Vernéřovice, CZ) and one of the curators of Carbonarium International Performance Art Festival (Kyiv, UA).

Antonín would like to know, “How to make love with a city”.

Photo Credit

Antonín Brinda, 2019

Photo Documentation Of Performance

Galeri Mod & Public Space, Kadıköy, Istanbul

Curator: Pınar Derin Gençer

Photographer: Volkan Erkan