Istanbul Performance Art

ID 9 : Tina Eskilsson

Age : Unknown

Based In : Stockholm, Sweden

Favorite Performance Artist : Pınar Derin Gençer

Favorite Performance :  The Artist Is Present by Marina Abramovic

About: Everything in Tina Eskilsson’s works is about the mystery of existence. Water is the main theme in all her art projects. In her installations ice slowly transforms to water or evopaorates to gas. She works in all different techniques and interaction with the spectator is a often a part of her performances. In her video “Bubble Talk” secret words as bubbles of air escape her mouth when she breaks the water line. Bubble Talk has previously been screened at Design 4 Elements in Germany, Brazil and Poland and shown in the Nobel Hall at House of Sweden in Washington DC.

Tina Eskilsson grew up in Smålandsstenar in southwest Sweden. She has made around 20 solo exhibitions at Art Galleries, Museums and commersial galleries in Sweden and around the world (Germany, France, Poland, Iceland, Cuba, Finland, Brazil, QatarTurkey and USA) She has also implemented several public commissions at hospitals and swimming pools.
She now lives and works in Stockholm.