Istanbul Performance Art

ID 1 : Meherun Sumi

Age : 31

Based In : Chittagong, Bangladesh

Favorite Performance Artist : Francis Alÿs

Favorite Performance : For Faith Moves Mountains (2002)

About : My work plan’s root is cultural platform and its goal is to improve a better society and culture through making friend with different countries culture, social customs, rules.

I believe art can change a life and other stuffs surrounding me. I see human life as a journey where I’m a traveler, my sense is related with the different kinds of human activities such as Feeling, listening, watching these movements, time and space and I use these to increase my knowledge and use it for change human condition. As a practicing artist I have worked and working with many disciplines like Drawing, Painting, In stallion, Performance, Public art and Video arts. It does not even matter in my work, what media and genre of art from it is I always like to focus on communication and its after effect from audience. In my thoughts and activity I always think about spirituality of Chinese Zen and Buddhism and I also respect every other religions customs. These philosophies can change life, personality, and sociality. And I believe sharing culturing is the way to find visual communication.

Meherun Akter (Visual Artist), Born in 1986 at Chittagong, Bangladesh. She obtained her post graduation in painting from Fine art department of Chittagong University in 2012. Meherun Akter is a member of Santaran Art Organization.

She attend KIPAF 2016 and also morni hill performance art biennale 2016. She attended Floating Peers International Social practice workshop and residency in 2013. Crack Young Artist Residency program (1 month) at Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2013. Meherun Akter did residency in Britto Students Residency Program (1 month) in Nepal, 2011.

She also did Young Artist Art Exhibition in 2014 at National art gallery, Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy, 2014 National art gallery, Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy, 2014. 20th National Art exhibition, Triangle group exhibition, organized by Crack. At Gallery Jolrong, 2013. Cinema Bener Painting Workshop, 2013. Camp of Film Making at sundarban, Bangladesh, 2012. Video Art Workshop 2011. 1st Porapara Performance Art Workshop2010. Mithila Folk Art workshop 2008.

Meherun Akter Joined Santaran Art Camp Alikodom, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2013, 2011, 2008 and 2007. She joined in various local workshops on experimental media across country. She also did co ordinate and children art camp (Kalpoloker Chitro -4) at AliKadam, Bandarban. Meherun Akter received an Award called Shouvontik Best award on painting in 2009.

Meherun Akter is strongly influenced by the post modern gender identity crisis. In her works become a reflection of dejection, sorrow and love felt by women and she also believe equality and strong community. She represents her opinion and work concept as Self conversation. She also influence by human journey, searching the way of life she actively involve with performance art. She do art what represent women, that influence she took form poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poem ‘Nari’ and ‘Bidrohi’. Her philosophy developed by spirituality of Chinese Zen and Buddhism her also respective for every other religions customs. And she believes that her philosophies can change life, personality, and sociality.

Photo Credit:
Meherun Sumi
Face and Muzzel, 2014
Charigy, Chittagong, Bangaldesh
Photo Documentation of Performance