Istanbul Performance Art

How To Drink Conflicting Water

This curatorial exploration is an extension of my previous collaborative project, which I did a few years back along with my two contemporary artists/curator. My previous co-curatorial project named “How To View Death Delta” in collaboration with Sumana A. and Imran A.

In this extended curatorial chapter, I took rather longer period(compare with the last edition) to investigate and figure out the possible art and actionism which has multiple links with my interest.

In the beginning, It was not easy and I was really curious about the development of the project and practical obstacle in terms of research and articulation.

Though during the entire journey, I always consider the practice of performance medium is a kind of fluid expression where the politics of space and the language of ‘civilized resistance‘ is a critical area to understand the continued changes in this new society. In this journey, I actually got the chance to understand and learn the analytical expression by new artist community and how they are used to with the condition of a vast ecological critical state.

(Like my previous exploration, this will follow the same method and virtual platform. This exhibition has few areas like the memory of neo-political condition inside artist everyday life and at the same time, it is also about the debate where the crisis not restricted to a local political condition.)

Though I strongly believe the process of curation can’t just end with one attempt but I tried my best to connect a few existing artist’s initiatives within the short time frame. There are two main areas of this project. First, understanding the relationship between human rights and the basic right to access ‘water’ for urban-civilization. Secondly, we have been thinking for a long time within the larger collective practice that how art can be influenced and seen from an alternative way of activism, something different from the conventional one. Consider this online exhibition also as an effort towards a new way of viewing art and society. More than another exhibition, it is a method of searching for collective awareness with Istanbul Performance Art.

Kaur Chimuk

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