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Based in Stockholm and Istanbul, Open Performance Space is an overt performance platform enabling the audiences from all around the world the opportunity of experiencing artists’ creating process.

The difference between observer and observed being interrogated each passing day, the boundaries becoming more and more ambiguous thus the roles in the performance art have been changing. Yet, there still exists the preconception of that the stage is a distinct separation between the audience and performance artist.

The platform sets for eliminating this preconception and aims at composing some moments in which both sides, retiring their own identities, should go through the same experience. Open Performance Space allows for observing how artists approach performance art and/or the other related disciplines.

In this context, it holds medley events namely exhibitions, performances, previews, concerts, readings, talks. Curated by Pınar Derin Gençer, Open Performance Space is organised by Stockholm Performance Art and Istanbul Performance Art.